I doubt this will come as a shock to most of you, since I have been largely slacking on posting lately, but the time has come for me to bid Happily Unperfect goodbye.

When I started this blog, I was in a new town, a new state, starting a new life with my husband. I had yet to meet many friends and I was largely unsure of who I was and who I wanted to be. I was bored with myself and with my lack of job or schooling, so I began to blog to fill up my days and time. It started as a place to explore, to find fashion and opinions that I could voice with little repercussions. I never really thought anyone other then my close friends and family would read or stumble upon my blog and I definitely never thought it would grow into something profiting and somewhat successful.

Throughout having this blog, I have changed. I am in another new state and new town, but I have been here almost two years already. I know my place and my surroundings and have found inner peace.

I am no longer a newlywed, although this new year and conversations have made me and my Mr. feel as though we are starting fresh, we have a new light in our relationship and I for one, am excited to see how it grows and brings us back together to a place of happiness and bliss.

I still do not have many friends, but I have learned I am ok with that. The ones I do have a true friends, friends I can be myself around without pretense or caution. Friends I can spit chocolate martini out all over the card table with and they still love me. Friends I can cuss like the sailor I am, or share my thoughts with. Friends who can walk right into my home, no key needed, no questions asked. Friends I can sit silently with and just enjoy being. I am truly blessed to have these friends and I am truly thankful to realize that I do not need everyone to like me, I only need me to like me.

I am no longer unsure of who I am or who I want to be. Rather I know who I am, and I am no longer afraid of that. I know what I am capable of and what I want. I am sure of my standings, and my morals, and my faith. I am sure of who, Frances, is. I also am becoming more and more aware of who I want to be, and more accepting of not knowing it all. I am ok with not knowing what the future will hold. I am ok with not always having a plan or course. I am ok with it all because I am ok with me, and I am ok with the fact that as long as I stay true to who I now know I am, my course and who I will be, will follow.

I am no longer jobless and schooless. I am graduating in May with my bachelors and will hopefully be attending grad school come August. I am not jobless. I have a job as a wife, a friend, a daughter, I have a job as a blogger. I am looking for jobs once I graduate but even that I take with a grain of salt, simply knowing that school is my priority.

I am simply no longer the same girl that started this blog. I am different.

I still love fashion and reviews, and writing nonsensical nothings. I still love connecting with all my found readers and becoming closer to my family. Throughout this blog I feel closer to my cousins, aunts, uncles even, people I really have gotten to know as people not just distant relatives. I will stilll be blogging, just on a different blog, with a different view. My passion for Happily Unperfect is gone, but my love of blogging is not.


I want to thank all of you who have and continued to read my blog. You have really changed my life. Thank you for accepting my flaws, and my quirks, thank you for understanding and reading my words. Thank you for making this blog worth the time and effort, and thank you for sticking through not only the blog changes but the changes I have made. I hope someday you and I met again when you stumble on my new blog or when I stumble on yours.


Be Mine



Be Mine.

Ok. I know I am wayyyyyy ahead on the holidays by completely skipping Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents Day, but Valentines day is coming.

Lies. I am posting this now, so you get a chance to make this super cute and fun Banner for less than 20$ like I did!


By now, you all know of my recent and ongoing obsession with Pottery Barn, no they do not sponsor nor endorse my blog, (I wish!) but I have found that by waiting for sales and deals, I can scoop up their fun items for cheap.

Like these glitter letters!

So a few weeks ago, with a coupon, I purchased a "B", 2 "E"s, a "M", "I", and "N".

I received them and now, have begun to cut the twine off the letters, to thread with pink fabric ribbon, and then string eventually onto a thick red ribbon, (satin probably!) for a Valentines Banner!


So the whole project for under 20$ for a banner you can reuse every Valentines day! Cute and cheap!

I will be sure to post the banner when it is hung up in February for Valentines, but for now, hurry to Pottery Barn and pick some letters up for yourself! Come up with cute sayings and make your own!

XO Feeling Festive,

So Mr. Husband and I are always looking for fun new ways to enjoy our weekends. We tend to be creatures of habit, always dining at the same restaurants, walking the same trails, basically doing the same dates every week. Lately we have realized that by stepping out of our “normal” date style, we really connect, enjoy and essentially feel refreshed with each other and ready for another week.

Given our busy schedules, spending time together is important and we have also been turning off our phones while we our out together to avoid further distraction.

So I came up with some fun date ideas, including Aerial Yoga (which we have booked an appointment for….I will blog about it for sure!), hiking and picnics, and the food truck adventures.

We live close to Pensacola Florida, and every other Saturday we go help with a community reentry garden (more on that in another post coming soon!) So this Saturday, we got up at 630am and headed to the garden. After spending a couple hours planting and weeding we decided to go try something new and had driven past the food trucks.

the food trucks
So we moseyed our way over to the downtown, and walked to the food trucks from about four blocks away. On the walk, we saw a couple other cool restaurants, and really loved the vibe the early Saturday crowd was giving. A younger, artsy feel complete with hipsters, coffee houses, a juice bar, a morning coffee house singer, and a cat on a leash…needless to say we felt cool by proxy.
Overview of the downtown area, photo from website
Once at the food trucks, we realized they don’t open until 10:30 or 11am on Saturdays, and it was 10:20am so we walked down to the water and back. There is also a super neat farmers market in the same area which we are planning to check out next weekend, before our food truck date!

There are four food trucks and one restaurant associated with the food trucks.

1.) The GreenHouse, which offers smoothies, wraps, salads, and fresh juice. I think they said they have bakery goods as well.

2.) Gunshot BBQ, ribs and all things BBQ, including burgers that look amazing

3.) Gouda Stuff (first off props for the clever name and Gouda is one of my favorite cheeses, yes I have favorite cheeses), essentially gourmet grilled cheese but they do offer vegan cheese which I think is super cool

4.) Z Taco Fresh Mex, taco truck. With fresh ingredients from local farmers.

5.) the not truck, Jerry’s Cajun Cafe, Cajun food including sandwiches and Gumbo.

For more info check out their website:


So today we went with number 1, The GreenHouse. We ordered, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Turkish salad, Wedge Salad add chicken and a Sparkling Mint Limeade fresh squeezed juice. (yes we went a little crazy)
our food, top is the wedge salad, bottom is the wrap and the Turkish salad is watermelon, feta, cucumber with a vanilla vinaigrette, oh nom.

I am really bad at saying No.

"Frances would you like another cookie?"


"Frances can you just grab this for me?"


"Frances can you pick up my shift for me?"


"Frances can you please do this extra thing for me?"


Clearly saying yes to another cookie is not really such a deal, I mean I should say no, especially when I am full and have already largely enjoyed that gooey warm chocolate chip cookie (fun side note, I have been wanting chocolate chip cookies for daysssss now).

What I really mean is I have a hard time letting people down, and saying no is somehow a really definite type of letting people down.

Granted, I am well aware that usually saying no is NOT in fact letting people down. More likely they won't even register that I said no and just go ask someone else. I know this, but I still illogically have a fear. Even worse is that I know its illogical.

The problem lies in the fact that when I say yes, which is probably 98.7% of the time, I end up screwing myself. Not because I can't do it, or because I don't know how to do the task asked of me, or even because I don't have the time, its because I end up over stretching myself and my time. I also have a hard time not doing something to my best ability, and thus a simple 20 extra minute task will take me hours and then I resent the person who asked me to do it. I take on too much and end up not giving my best effort to something, and typically that something is my relationship. (I mean I have more than one relationship but the RELATIONSHIP, with Mr. Husband.)

I genuinely feel bad if I say no, and there is something really wrong with that. It is not normal nor healthy to say yes to everything. This includes things you want to do but know you should say no to give yourself a break or some time. I also think saying no when being invited somewhere is ok. Or rather it should be ok. As I get older, I realize not only can I say no to going out places but I do not have to have a reason or excuse to say no. I can simply say no. This also correlates with if you already have plans with someone else, a mutual friend, and you get invited you can say "no I have plans with so and so already" and not feel guilty. No need to invite them along also, its ok. We are adults (or at least faking it) feelings are not going to be hurt if you are honest and upfront with it, maybe include "but I would LOVE to get coffee with you this week." It hurts worse to say no and not mention the plans, and for the asker to find out later.

Well my long winded ramble, but my point is I am trying to say no. I said no yesterday, when asked to take on yet another task for a student organization I am in, I said no.

And it felt damn good.

So don't pull a Frances, say no every once in a while, and don't go home and stress over the guilt of saying No. Embrace the fact that we all have the ability to say No.

From a place of No,


I survived. No, more than I survived. The cleanse was awesome, refreshing, inspiring, and a great experience.

Let me start from the beginning.

Last Wednesday, I was just getting over being sick, I think I had the flu. I had not had solid food since Monday and Monday I had thrown up my food so really since Saturday as Sunday I was sick too. Anyways, so Wednesday I had some celery sticks and some carrot sticks. I had some saltines, a sprite and some water. I was keeping food down but I was tired and weak from being sick for a couple days. The cleanse came and I was slightly worried it was a bad time to start such a cleanse since I had no real food in my body. I even considered not doing it, but I didn't spend the money for nothing and I couldn't wait too many days before the juice would spoil since it was fresh juice.

Thursday: Woke up and felt fine, got ready for my classes (I am a full time student currently) grabbed the Glow, Fuel and Purify to take to school with me, threw the Fuel and Purify into a cooler with the ice packs that came with the cleanse from Suja.

7:45 am: Drive to school, uncap and start the cleanse. Glow is the first drink each day, I was a little nervous since it has collards, spinach and kale in it that it would taste super bland and green. To my surprise this drink taste super refreshing, clean and crisp and mainly like celery, which I love celery. It was light and not a heavy juice so I felt good. Finished the 16 oz in minutes and felt full. No worries. I got this.

10:00 am: sitting in class and I begin to feel hungry so I reach for the Fuel drink which comes next. The orangeness of the drink is slightly intimidating if you have never juiced before (I hadn't) I was expecting awfulness. I mentally prepped myself "its ok Frances, just chug it down, this is day one, you can and will do this. You are hungry, chug that juice" I took my first tester sip, like sticking a toe in the pool instead of just diving right in. It was heavenly. Sweet, savory, cold, tasty. The carrots apparently (through my further research) add a lot of sweetness, and this drink was amazing. It became my FAVORITE drink of the day, which is saying something, just wait until Vanilla Cloud, and this beat Vanilla Cloud. I could drink this everyday, all day. SO GOOD. oh and I did chug it, but not to get it over with, simply because I could.not.stop.

12:15pm: After class and most likely because I chugged the Fuel, I was thirsty/hungry again. Driving home I went to open the Purify. I was super excited about this drink because duh, its PINK and PINK equals delicious. So instead of taking a sip, I dove right in. GULP. This Pink is not delicious. This pink is dirt. I am nothing if I can not be honest with you all, my beloved readers. This drink is gross. I love beets, so I was slightly more shocked when I read the list that I did not like this juice. Beets, those supposed sweet carrots, apple....I mean in sound, how could you go wrong? I like all that, no I LOVE all that. This literally tasted like dirt, and like what I expected from all the green juices. This was my least favorite of the cleanse, but it is MANAGEABLE, I did not die drinking it and I did drink it everyday of the cleanse. Day 2 and 3 though I did add a squeeze of honey and shake that up and that made it MUCH better in my opinion.

3:00pm: Fiji. Paradise, clean beaches, coconuts, oh wait that the country. This was also a really delicious green juice. Heavy on the leafy greens and light on the apple but the ginger, oh the ginger. So good. Easy and smooth. I liked this. Middle of the road, on my ranking but really good and enjoyable.

5:30pm: Let me explain a little on the timing. I drank when I was hungry, I also drank water and one unsweet tea. The main timing for me was finishing the last drink (number 6) 3 hours before bed; to allow for proper digestion this was told in the little pamphlet that comes with the cleanse, and I am a rule follower. SO I drank this as dinner, while my husband ate and chewed his dinner. I also really liked this juice and felt like it really cleansed me. Heavily tasting of apples, almost like apple juice but less sweet (no artificial sweetener). Good and crisp. Like.

7:00pm: Yes I go to bed around 10pm. Anyways, I was SO looking forward to this last juice. I had read reviews that said Vanilla Cloud is like a milkshake. A perfect dessert for the cleanse. Shake Shake Shake, YUM. So good. It is creamy and fluffy and like little clouds and fairies dancing on my taste buds. Heavy in the almond flavor, with coconutty, honey cinnamon goodness. It was bomb. Like a vanilla bomb going off in my throat. I love this. I would consider (aka I am) buying it to stock in my fridge to have nightly as a dessert, but probably would drink half a bottle at a time unless I was cleansing, simply because it is RICH. This, Dear Suja, you nailed.

Overall thoughts:

- I felt completely full all three days.

- I felt good, full of energy, I even worked out Friday and Saturday complete with my lifting schedule, and was fine on energy

- my focus was on point.

-I felt refreshed and happy

- I was inspired. To change my habits, to include more juices, to believe in myself, to follow through and finish something. As dumb as it sounds I was changed doing this. My soul felt full.

- I lost 7 pounds on it. Mostly water weight but I have kept 4 pounds of that off


- don't, I repeat, DON'T go grocery shopping and make a nice meal for your significant other while cleansing. I was tempted but I DID NOT cheat.

- If you go to the movies while cleansing (like I did, hey Captain Phillips) BRING a juice with you. Smuggle that shit in. You will not even want the nasty butter smelling popcorn, because you just had a heavenly juice.

- Commit. If you are doing this, do it. You will feel so much better knowing you gave it your all and I truly did feel full.

This was a great experience. I cannot begin to describe my mentality and the change in myself from this cleanse. I can tell you, I feel physically great. I feel truly refreshed.

I thank Suja for such great juices and such a wonderful company that really cares about the well being of their customers. The juice is not just juice. The juice is a lifestyle, the juice is a movement. The juice is a refreshed outlook on yourself.

I HIGHLY recommend trying Sujajuice. I will be doing one again and I hope soon they are in stores close to me!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?



I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse. By always wanted, I mean within the last few years I have wanted to.

I have been on a weight loss/fit journey now for a couple years and just all in all feel better when I eat mainly fruits and veggies with some lean sources of protein and fat. Lately, within the last few weeks, I have been focused and researching a lot on vegan and raw food based diets. While I will never fully call myself a vegan or vegetarian as I do like and eat meat still, the idea that my main diet is vegan or raw is really appealing to me. Within these last two weeks I have switched to eating raw vegan meals twice a day, which essentially means I am eating unheated raw vegan food. For example, fruits and veggies that are not needed to be cooked to eat, nuts and seeds, like almonds and sunflower seeds. I feel good about this diet and really full. I do still eat a "meat" meal at night, usually either chicken, turkey or fish, with some eggs thrown in. I am loving eating salads topped with meat for my dinner meal and I do add in some cheese at night also.

I have also cut way back my alcohol consumption with the eventual goal to cut it out almost completely.

Back to the topic at hand, I have been researching juice companies and even looked at buying a juicer myself and came to some realizations:

1) Not all juice is the same, by this I mean some juices have a LOT of additives, including from companies that claim to be cold pressed, all natural juices.

2.) I did not want a cleanse that included sweetener with agave or even splenda, the sweeteners I was looking for were dates mainly or honey.

3.) The prices seem sky high but when you consider how much produce you would have to buy and then juice yourself, it became a realistic price point

4.) I am not ready for a 21 day cleanse

5.) I want a company that was passionate and believes in their product

So with those in mind I settled on Suja Juices (found at sujajuice.com, instagram @oneluckyguy and @lovesuja)

Not only is @oneluckyguy passionate about the product he co- created, but they use honey as a sweetener, the juice is JUICE no extra additives, and they are all cold pressed (which insures that vitamins, minerals and live enzymes are still there in the after math of the juicing process)

The prices did seem high, 162$ for the three day cleanse, which gives you 18 bottles, for 6 bottles a day. BUT when you factor in the almost 2 pounds of produce in EACH BOTTLE, that is a lot of money you would have spent on produce to juice not to mention a juicer.

At the end my only concern was the 63$ of shipping on top of the cost for the cleanse, SO I tried my trusty amazon.com to see if it was offered, and to my slight surprise, IT WAS! Just to double check I wasn't being scammed I directly asked @oneluckyguy on instagram and his quick response and affirmation of the free amazon shipping was awesome. I quickly placed my order and waited for the Suja juice to arrive.

Today on my doorstep at 9:30 am my three day juice cleanse came, total cost was 159$ from amazon, and the package was already aesthetically pleasing. I have not begun this cleanse yet, as I will tomorrow, but I wanted to give the back ground on my choice for the cleanse and company. I will continue to blog and update on the cleanse and what my thoughts are on each juice.

Excitedly Yours,


*picture from sujajuice.com links all linked*

Congratulations Shelly J.!!! You have won the Mint colored ring!

I will be contacting you shortly!

Happily Unperfect,

One of my new obsessions is Coral and Mint together. Now it can be any variation of the colors, coral, watermelon, mint, sea foam, honeydew you get the idea.

The other day Zappos.com posted a picture on their instagram (@zappos) of a beautiful mint colored dress, this got me thinking, how beautiful the mint is for summer and fall, but with an added twist of thrown in of some Coral!

(dress @zappos posted)

This dress paired with some Coral Bangles, and a nice bone colored sandal.
Love the idea of mixing a Coral top with a Mint bottom- or the other way!
Another super cute swim suit, this fringed one piece.
Another darling Coral dress, super cute for summer, and easily dressed up or down, and come fall easy to throw an oversized cardi on!
Mint, Bone or Coral earrings are the perfect way to accent any outfit, but especially a all Mint, or all Coral outfit, with the opposite color! FUN!
Statement Coral Necklace
Bold Cuff
Totally Casual Chic, love this for a throw on dress.
Paired with a Coral shoe, and some soft Bone jewels.
Easily take this dress from casual to dressy, all you need are some black strappy sexy sandals, and some bold jewels like that Coral Statement necklace above!
Lace pants! OK! Love these as bathing suit covers, or for the more daring wear them with a black racer back tank, and nude FULL undies. (no thongs ladies!)
Finally with all these fun Mint and Coral items, you can WIN this adorable MINT ring!

All you have to do to enter, is leave a comment saying your favorite thing to wear, AND if you love Mint or Coral more! : ) That's it! Winner will be chosen Monday June, 10th at random!!!!

XOXO Happily Unperfect,

(all items from Zappos.com!)



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I am a social person. By this I mean, I like people (most of the time), I get along with people, I have no problem talking to strangers.

When I was little, I used to go up to random people in the store and make new friends. In elementary school I was friends with everyone. In middle school I had some good friends and some bullies. In high school I had friends at school but rarely hung out with people outside of school. I am not saying this to get sympathy, because honestly I do not need it. I never felt like anything was missing.

My point is, now that it has been a while since I was this social butterfly, who was never worried about or feared any social situation, I now am.

I get anxiety when thinking of meeting new people, I hate going over to gatherings always feeling like I am being looked at weird. I hate putting myself out there. I still love people and talking, I am still that social person, I just stress and worry about it so much now. I am not sure when this change happened but it did. I no longer want to invite people over because it worries me to much. It is not worth the stress.

Today I did something I rarely do anymore. I said yes. When asked to go out with a group of friends for dinner, I said yes. I normally would make an excuse and say no, "I am sickor just even "I cant". I wanted to do this, especially since it will be me without N, but I said yes. I am going to put myself out there and hope for the best. I am going to do it.

 Basically this post is pointless, but the idea is to step out of your comfort zone and try to do new things. I am going to go with an open mind and hope for the best, and I am sure I will have a good time.

Happily Unperfect and Anxious, Frances
I don't typically wear perfume. I do on occasion and I used to be the Beauty Manager at Victoria's Secret. Truth of the matter is, until recently I was not into makeup or perfume or anything remotely beauty related. Then slowly over the last few years I have evolved and I now LOVE it all. It is fun to get all fancy, and perfume is something that can really add to a look. Smell is one of your top senses, in fact smell influences taste. So the smell of a perfume can really make an outfit "spicy" or "sweet", the sensualness of smell is amazing. Plus the pretty little bottles look danity on my vanity. I have purchased a few perfumes to review, and the others I got for free! By this I mean I had a voucher for the bottle. The whole deal is laid out in this video, by BabybellyKelli-

She explains how and what in this video, they are still available on Sephora.com for two of the boxes.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh
Prada Candy
So I went to Sephora which is about a 45 minute drive from where we live (though a new one is opening in April close to us!!!) Confession: I had never been IN a Sephora before, only shopped online with Sephora. So I was doubly excited to check it out and explore. Well. I had four coupons for full sized perfume and one for a roller ball. So while I know this is a lot of coupons, and could seem shady, they are company sponsored and they are coupons that the company has all the time in their sample boxes, which you pay for. There is no fine print anywhere that I could find that limited the amount of them you can have. I went in the store, and was not greeted nor asked if I needed any help. Fine, a bit odd but fine. I should mention that N was with me, and we were both dressed nicely- NOT that it should matter if I was wearing my Simpson tee shirt and holey sweat pants. I picked out my perfumes, I already knew four of the five I was getting so I just need to smell a couple of scents to chose my final one. I put them all in a basket and was careful to check that they were the proper ounces that fit the coupons. I got to the register and the check out girl was rude, unfriendly and just not nice. She didnt say anything to me, like "Did you find everything ok" "how are you" no sort of pleasantry. She did take a look at the amount of perfumes, and my coupons and go grab an manager right away. Who then proceeded to tell me I had the wrong size for one of the perfumes (in my defense it is the same size box for the 2.5 and the 4.7 oz.) I apologized and said "Opps, sorry Honest mistake, I will just switch it!" I was NOT trying to get away with anything, but I was treated like a criminal for having these coupons. She even said "How'd you get all these? Are they yours?" ummm, EXCUSE ME?!?!?! I am a paying customer with a lot of VIB points on their system, just because I have a bunch of coupons that are COMPANY SPONSORED, does not make me a thief. I chose to say nothing, but take my FREE purchase and walk out the door. I was fuming. I decided to email Sephora with my poor service and see how they handled it. I will say their customer service responded quickly and the manager of the particular Sephora I visited emailed me personally. I called her, per her request and she apologized profusely. I am willing to give that store another shot, and will be going back soon with my four more coupons I have since gotten. : ) She is in the way of making this right and I do not by any means think all Sephoras are like this, I am mearly sharing my experience with you all. Overall I am happy with how they handled the terrible treatment, and are taking major steps to improve this poor experience.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
Dior Addict
Gucci Guilty Roller ball
I ended up with these perfumes, the top of the page with the Chloe, which retails for 65$ for the 1 oz bottle, Prada Candy which retails for 82$ for the 1.7 oz bottle, Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh which retails for 78$ for the 2.5 oz, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue which retails for 48$ for the 1 oz, Dior Addict which retails for 69$ for the 1.7oz, and the Gucci Guilty roller ball which retails for 25$. For each set I paid between 18-50$ but all the sets were cheaper than their alike bottle or roller ball of perfume, plus you get to keep the samples and those are good sized samples.

Gotta love a clean vanity with pretty perfume bottles on it. Love the flowers on the Marc Jacobs Daisy
Pretty bottles, and the mini with the full sized.
All in all, not a terrible visit and a deal that was too good to pass up (hence four more coupons just waiting for me to spend!) But I really have grown fond of perfume and love to wear it. I absolutely adore the Chloe, my favorite and go to these days, N loves it best too. I like Prada candy for a fruity, fresh scent, its a fun sugary scent for school. D & G Light blue is nice and light and clean smelling and something I will get a lot of use out of this summer same with the Dior Addict, which is literally addictive and smells so fresh and clean but I love that. The Gucci Guilty is almost spicy smelling and reminds me of my favorite mens scent with is Dior Aqua Fahrenheit. The final scent of Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh is nice and floral with some sweet undertones, which I like, but to be honest the bottle is just so cute, I really got it for that!

I hope you found this helpful, and that you get to enjoy the deal like I did! Off to smell some pretty bottles and decided which others I will be getting.

Happily Unperfect, Frances
Mens Dior Aqua Fahrenheit